Research Managing Director


Research Managing Director


Research outline
Room: #Room 524 Main bldg
Keywords: Statistics・Epidemiology, Thyroid epidemiology, Welfare epidemiology, Mathematical simulation study
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Research theme and outline

(1) Study on improvement of social statistics concerning to more active and effective use
・Study to prevail and promote the index of ICF ( International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health)
・Statistical Study to improve the representativeness of Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions
・Study to improve and prevail Boundary healthy life expectancy
(2) Mathematical, epidemiological, and statistical study concerning to Fukushima accident
・Fukushima thyroid epidemiologic study
・Monitoring the trend of exogenous mortality in municipalities of Fukushima prefecture, and the trend of perinatal mortality in Fukushima and other neighbor prefecture in Japan
・Study of overdiagnosis in thyroid cancer with mathematics simulation model
(3) Study concerning to statistical activation for welfare field
(4) Research Promotion of studies through support on statistics and epidemiology