Department of Environmental Health


Specially Appointed Researcher
YUNOKAWA Toshihiko


Research outline
Room: #311 Annex bldg
Keywords: Food Hygiene, Food Poisoning pathogens, Food Poisoning Survey, Food Safety Management
Research outline
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Research theme and outline

Strengthening Food Safety Management Based on the HACCP System

Japan is strongly promoting the export of agricultural, forestry, and fisheries products and food products in order to revive its agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries. However, in order to export food products, it is necessary to comply with food safety management based on HACCP in each country. Therefore, we will confirm the differences in such systems in overseas countries and how to overcome such differences. Then, we will examine training methods to enhance the capacity of local government food sanitation inspectors and other personnel who guide and monitor domestic food business operators. Furthermore, internationally recognized methods of controlling microbial hazards will be identified, differences from Japanese methods will be evaluated, and appropriate methods will be introduced.