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Center for Public Health Informatics
In order to make effective use of information in the public health field, the Center for Public Health Informatics conducts a very wide range of research, from the theoretical to the practical. The Center’s research regarding public health information consists of two main parts. The first is research on the collection, use, and provision of information. It includes research on development of information collection systems that make use of the latest ICT (information and communications technology); construction of databases for public health information from various sources; cooperation with international public health information systems; development of diagnosis support systems for clinicians; and establishment of information bases in disaster situations.The second is research on assessment and analysis of information. Center for Public Health Informatics It includes research on the evaluation of actual data (data on specifi c health checkup, specifi c counseling guidance, health attitude, etc.), as well as the theory and methodology of assessing health risks. Any activity related to the public health, whether it’s in clinical situations or in the administrative functions of central/local governments, needs to be based on rational, scientifi c evidence. The Center, through study and training in the fi eld of information research, aims at providing a scientific basis for both public health activity and administrative policy.


Director, HOSHI Keika
Chief Senior Researcher, KOBAYASHI Shinji
Chief Senior Researcher, UENO Satoshi
Chief Senior Researcher, MATSUDA Ayako
Researcher, NISHIO Akemi
Specially Appointed Fellow, TACHIBANA Tomoko