H-CRISIS (Health Crisis and Risk Information Supporting Internet System) is archiving issues related to health risk and crisis events, compiling what’s new on public health alerts from MHLW, using the newly developed automatic article surveillance and submission system.

Issues are archived in the following 12 categories and retrievable by a full-text search.

Health crisis events by unknown causes (原因不明健康危機)
Infectious diseases (感染症)
Drug/medical device safety (医薬品医療機器等安全)
Disasters (災害有事・重大健康危機)
Tuberculosis (結核)
Food safety (食品安全)
Medical safety (医療安全)
Mental health (精神保健医療)
Drinking water safety (飲料水安全)
Nursing care and safety (介護等安全)
Child abuse (児童虐待)
Environmental safety (生活環境安全)

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