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  • S-PLUS code for the detection of spatial clustering program called MEET (Maximized Excess Events Test)

  • S-PLUS code for estimating an age-specific reference range via smoother AVAS

  • Fortran code for non-inferiority test and confidence interval for the difference in proportions for the paired-sample design

  • S-PLUS code for the maximum likelihood estimation of infection date under the assumption of lognormal incubation period

  • EB estimator for Binomial-Beta model

  • EB estimator for Poisson-Gamma model

  • FleXScan: Software for the Flexible Scan Statistics (ver.3.1.2) New!

  • DMS: Disease Mapping System

  • GLtrend: Trend estimation from summarized dose-response data

  • 食事調査による習慣摂取量の分布推定プログラム

  • R functions used in the book "Statistical Methods for Disease Clustering" New!