Privacy Policy

1.Basic Concept

The National Institute of Public Health (“the Institute” hereafter) gathers information on individuals using the National Institute of Public Health Website (; “the Website” hereafter) to the extent necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the services (provision of information through the Website, receipt of various inquiries, etc.) provided through the Website. The information gathered will be handled appropriately within the scope of its intended use.

2.Scope of Information Gathered
  1. (1)This site sends information called cookies (issued by this site) to your computer through a web browser in order to understand and analyze the status of access from you, and to provide useful web services that are easier to use. We are collecting anonymous traffic data. In addition, we have not obtained information to identify individuals.
  2. (2)「When using “Inquiries”, users are requested to register their e-mail address and the content and category of their inquiry. Registration of name and affiliation (“user attributes” hereafter) is voluntary.
3.Intended Use
  1. (1)The information gathered in 2.(1) will be used as a reference to ensure the smooth operation of the services provided by this Website.
  2. (2)The “inquiry category” and “content” gathered in 2.(2) will be used as reference for future operations.
    The “e-mail address” will be used to reply to the inquiry.
    User attributes voluntarily provided will be used as reference for the “inquiry”.
4.Restrictions on Use and Provision

The Institute will not use the information gathered through this Website or provide the information to a third party for any purpose other than those listed under the intended uses in point 3 excluding cases where a request for disclosure was made based upon laws and regulations, cases where the individual’s consent was obtained, or cases where there was some other special reason.
However, access information for the Website that has been statistically processed or information on user attributes, etc. may be made public.

5.Measures to Ensure Safety

The Institute will take the necessary measures to ensure the appropriate management of the information gathered such as preventing the leakage, loss, or damage of the information.

6.Disclosure of Individual Information

The Website does not gather information that can generally be used to identify specific individuals such as name or date of birth excluding the user attributes entered in “Inquiries”.

7.Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website ( and its directories). The handling of information by relevant institutions, etc. is conducted under the responsibility of the respective organizations.
With regards to the handling of the respective databases linked from the pages of the Website that provide information, refer to the terms of use for each Website or the explanation, etc. displayed on the top page of the database.