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Department of Health Promotion
The Department of Health Promotion studies methods of lifelong prevention of diseases and disorders, health maintenance and promotion, and health guidance.
Our research focuses, in other words, on what may help to maintain and improve human health through all stages of life, and from a wide range of perspectives, including growth during infancy and early childhood; establishing good lifestyles at home during childhood; spreading knowledge about proper hygiene and prophylaxis during adolescence; prevention of lifestyle-related diseases from which middle-aged (and older) people suffer; and improving the quality of life for elderly people by reducing the severity of age-related disorders. Health Promotion
Also, in cooperation with health programs of local governments and community organizations, we conduct surveys and research on the following: development of theory and policies for health programs; community health crisis management programs; community health programs for mothers and children and related policies; development and evaluation of health programs; planning, evaluation, and management of health guidance methods; health counseling; health education; methods of promoting and developing health programs in community organizations; and terminal care. When our research outcomes are refl ected in actual on-site policies, thus prompting further research (depending on the needs of the site), we can see a direct connection between our research/ human resource development activity and actual government policy.


Department Director, YOKOYAMA Tetsuji
Chief Senior Researcher, ISHIKAWA Midori
Chief Senior Researcher, TANO Rumi
Senior Researcher, OHMI Kennichi
Senior Researcher, WADA Yasuyo
Senior Researcher, HEMMI Osamu
Senior Researcher, YAMAMOTO Takafumi
Specially Appointed Researcher, ANDO Yuichi
Chief Senior Researcher, SATO Miki
Senior Researcher, MOTEGI Riho
Senior Researcher, FUKITA Susumu
Specially Appointed Fellow, MARUTANI Miki