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Research Managing Director
The research activities of the Research Managing Directors involve coordination of specialized areas of professional and practical human resource development; the directors also coordinate surveys and research work that apply scientifi c principles to human resource development procedures.
Problems in public health and welfare are complicated and diverse. An analysis of current problems led to the division of NIPH’s most important research fi elds into the nine areas listed below. Such a division seemed the most appropriate and effi cient way to improve research outcomes. Nine Research Managing Directors hold positions of responsibility for the integration of each research area.
Area on Technology Assessment; Area on Community Health Systems; Area on Health Guidance; Area on Community Healthcare; Area on Health and Social Services; Area on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; Area on Water Management; Area on Architectural Planning and Management; Area on Epidemiological Research


Research Managing Director, Akira USHIYAMA
Research Managing Director, Eizen KIMURA
Research Managing Director, Hideto TAKAHASHI
Research Managing Director, Motoya HAYASHI
Research Managing Director, Hideki FUKUDA
Research Managing Director, Miki MARUTANI