Department of Environmental Health


Specially Appointed Researcher
AKIBA Michihiro


Water Supply Engineering, Health Risk Management of Drinking Water, Water for Medical Care, Environmental Microbiology, Watershed Management


Original papers

1 Miyoshi T, Simazaki D, Tokuyasu M, Masuda T, Akiba M. Metal leaching test of commercially available faucets in the Japanese market in 2016-2020. Journal of Water and Health. 2022;20(7):1112-1125.

2 Miura T, Kadoya S, Takino H, Sano D, Akiba M. Temporal variations of human and animal Rotavirus A genotypes in surface water used for drinking water production. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2022;13:912147.

3 Nakai T, Kosaka K, Asami M, Akiba M. Removal of halobenzoquinone precursors during advanced water purification process. Ozone Science & Engineering. 2022;44(2):208-216.

4 Shen Q, Shimizu K, Miao H, Tsukino S, Utsumi M, Lei Z, hang Z, Nishimura O, Asada Y, Fujimoto N, Takanashi H, Akiba M. Effects of elevated nitrogen on the growth and geosmin productivity of Dolichospermum smithii. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2021;28(1), 177-184.


1 Kosaka K, Sagehashi M, Akiba M. Activities related to emergency water supply involving important target facilities of water supply after the Great East Earthquake. Journal of the National Institute of Public Health. 2021;70:538–548. (in Japanese)

Social contributions

Chairman, Expert committee of microbial issues on water supply, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.(

Chairman, Environmental Council, Wako City

Committee member, subcommittee of water supply infrastructure rehabilitation, Environmental engineering committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers