Department of Environmental Health


Chief Senior Researcher


Water supply engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, environmental studies


Research reports

1 Asami, M.,Oguma, K.,Ito, S.,Masuda, T.,and Ushijima, K., Grants-in-Aid for Health, Labour and Welfare Science Research, “Integrated Study on Sustainable Maintenance and Management of Small-Scale Water Supply Systems” (Principal Investigator: Mari Asami. 20LA1005). Summary Report. 2023.

2 Suzuki, N., Asami, M., Inoue, T., and Nakamura, S. (2022). Research on the systematic development of evaluation and management methods for chemical substance risks due to disasters and accidents” (S-17), funded by the Comprehensive Promotion of Environmental Research, FY2022.

Original papers

1 Sugino, M., Asami, M., and Matsushige, Takuya. Influence of Provision of Information on Water Supply Services on Water Users’ Attitudes. Journal of the Society of Wood Science and Technology, G (Environment), 78(6), Journal of Environmental Systems Research, Vol.50), II_153-II_165, 2022.

2 Asami M, Furuhashi Y, Nakamura Y, Sasaki Y, Adachi Y, Maeda N, Matsui Y, A field survey on elution of lead and nickel from taps used in homes and analysis of Science of the Total Environment. 2021;771(1-7):144979.


1 Asami M, Miyoshi T, Miura T. Recent water quality incidents and a methemoglobinemia outbreak in infants due to inadequate plumbing of a university hospital’s private water supply. Journal of the National Institute of Public Health. 2023; 72(1): 31-42.

2 Asami M, Sawada M, Nishida K. Trends of sustainable water supply system and community development in a society with declining population. Health Med Sci. 2022;71(3):194-207.


1 Asami M. Water and Sanitation Measures in Disasters and Emergencies. Edited by O. Kunii. Edited by T. Ojima. Edited by M. Ishii. Health, Medical and Welfare Activities at the Time of Disaster. Nanzando. 123-130. 2022.

2 Asami M. Spectrum of Environmental Risk -Assessment, Management and Communication. Editors:Nakajima,T., Nakamura,K, Nohara, K, Kondo, A, Springer. Singapore. pp.157-176, 2022 .

Conference presentations

1 Asami M, Simazaki D, Adachi Y. Lab-scale Application of Upflow Filtration and UV-LED Treatment for Small Water Supply Systems. 1A-06, Water and Environment Technology Conference. 1A-06, Water and Environment Technology Conference. 2020.11. On line.

2 Otani T, Takahashi K, Takeuchi A, Asami M. Comparison of spatial interpolation methods based on exposure assessments of air pollutants: A case study on 12th International Conference on Health Informatics. Prague – Chzech Republic. February 2019.

Social contributions

Member of the 24th-25th Science Council of Japan, Chairman of the Committee on Environmental Studies

Member of the Study Group for Sequential Revision of Water Quality Standards, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Temporary member of Environmental Health Subcommittee, Central Environmental Council, Ministry of the Environment, etc.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Waterworks Bureau Operation Strategy Study Committee, Saitama Prefecture Environmental Council, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Nagano Prefecture, etc.

Co-head of WHO Collaborating Centre for Community Water Supply and Sanitation

Specialist group member of Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality

Others (awards, etc.)

The Japan Society for Water Environment Paper Encouragement Award (Hirose Award)

Research Incentive Award, The Society of Environmental Science.

Japan Water Works Association Chairman’s Effectiveness Award

JSCE Best Paper Award

WET Best Presentation Award