Department of Environmental Health


Senior Researcher


Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Sanitation Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology


Research reports

1 Kanae Bekki. A study on the exposure assessment of harmful compounds for the prevention of health hazards in the use of toys in infancy. 2021 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Grants-in-Aid for Food Safety Promotion Research Project “Study on exposure assessment of harmful compounds to prevent health hazards caused by use of toys in infancy” (Research representative: Kanae Bekki. 20KA3001) 2021 General Research Report. 2022.3.

2 Kanae Bekki. Analysis of Volatile Components in Sidestream Smoke from Heat-not-Burn Cigarettes. 2021 Health, Labor and Welfare Administration Promotion Survey Project Expenses Comprehensive Research Project for Countermeasures against Lifestyle-related Diseases such as Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes “Composite Analysis of New Tobacco Products such as Heat-not-Burn Tobacco Products and Research on Health Effects of Passive Smoking” (Principal Investigator) Author: Yohei Inaba. 21FA2001) 2021 assigned research report. 2022.3.

Original papers

1 Bekki K, Uchiyama S, Inaba Y, Ushiyama A. Analysis of furans and pyridines from new generation heated tobacco product in Japan. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 2021; 26(1): 89.

2 Bekki K, Uchiyama S, Kunugita N. Novel analytical method for simple and low-cost detection of isocyanates in ambient air. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2020; 412 (1): 103-111.

3 Bekki K, Uchiyama S, Kunugita N. Analysis of isocyanates in indoor dust. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2018; 410: 1-5.


1 Bekki K, Asami M, Kunugita N, Kodama T.Harmful Environment to Human Health – Challenges for SDG Health Related Indicators in Environmental Health.Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 2021;70(3):262-272.


1 Bekki K.Indoor behavior.Encyclopedia of Indoor Environment -Science that Supports a Comfortable and Healthy Life- 2021.

Conference presentations

1 Kanae Bekki, Yohei Inaba, Keiko Yukawa, Satomi Yoshida, Koki Takaguchi, Akifumi Eguchi. Estimation of exposure concentration of phthalates through plastic toys in infants. 30th Symposium on Environmental Chemistry; 2022.6.14-16; Toyama. Collection of the same lectures.

2 Kanae Bekki, Shigehisa Uchiyama, Yohei Inaba, Akira Ushiyama. Investigation of concentration of isocyanate in air by simple measurement method. The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Hygiene; 2023. 3.2-3; Tokyo. Collection of lectures.

Social contributions

Publishing Committee Member, Japan Society for Indoor Environment

Councilor, Japan Society for Indoor Environment

WHO Tobacco laboratory network (TobLabNet) member

Others (awards, etc.)

The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, Received the Excellent Young Poster Award, September 2014

Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry. 19th Environmental Chemistry Paper Award. April 2012