Department of Environmental Health


Chief Senior Researcher


Water supply engineering, Sanitation engineering, Urban environmental engineering


Research reports

1 Dai Simazaki,Principal Investigator.JPSP Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B) “Elucidation of physiochemical characteristics and controlling of heterotrophic bacteria with high endotoxin activity in drinking water purification system”〈Grant Number: JP21H01469〉 Reiwa FY4 research report; 2023.

2 Dai Simazaki.Literature review and identification of issues on existing and future technologies to enhance water quality management.Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Health, Labour and Welfare, Comprehensive Research Project on Health, Safety and Crisis Management Measures” Research on the implementation of technologies that contribute to strengthening the foundation of water supply system”(Principal Investigator: Masahiko Kiyozuka. Grant Number: 20LA1004) Reiwa FY2-4 final research report; 2023.

Original papers

1 Takuya NAKAGAWA, Dai SIMAZAKI, Ikuro KASUGA, Michihiro AKIBA. Factors associated with endotoxin fluctuation in water purification process and characterization of endotoxin producing capability of heterotrophic bacteria in biological activated carbon filters for advanced water process. J. of Japan Water Works Association, 2023; 92(1), 1-16.

2 Dai SIMAZAKI, Takuya MARUBAYASHI, Takahiro YOKOI, Akie WATANABE, Shigeyuki NOMOTO, Manabu ICHIKAWA, Masahiko KIYOZUKA. Questionnaire Survey on Installation of Online Water Quality Monitors and Data Utilization for Water Supply Systems in Japan. Journal of Water Environmental Technology 2022; 20(1), 21-27.


1 Dai SIMAZAKI. Securing good hygiene for private water supply and plumbing system.The Journal of Public Health Practice, 2021;85(2):72-77.

2 Dai SIMAZAKI. Examples of information provisions and responses to water utilities regarding COVID-19. Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment, 2021;43A(12):417-418.


1 Dai Simazaki.2-3-3 Initiatives for hygienically safe drinking water supply. Encyclopedia of Water Environment.Japan Society for Water Environment. Tokyo; Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd., 2021

2 Dai Simazaki, Sadahiko Itoh, Takayuki Miura, Yasuhiro Asada, et., al. (Translation in Japanese).Quantitative microbial risk assessment: Application for water safety management. National Institute of Public Health.ISBN: 978-4-903997-10-0

Conference presentations

1 Dai Simazaki, Taro Miyoshi, Ikuro Kasuga, Michihiro Akiba. Fate of Endotoxin in the Entire Water Purification Processes including Wastewater Treatment at a Drinking Water Purification Plant.9th IWA Aspire Conference and Exhibition, 2023.10.22-26, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2 Dai SIMAZAKI. Occurrence and fate of endotoxin in the course of advanced water purification process. The 4th International Forum on Asian Water Environment Technology (IFAWET-4), 2021.12.10-11, Online. A03.

Social contributions

Committee member, Expert committee of microbial issues on water supply, Water supply division, Pharmaceutical safety and environmental health bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare(

Council member, Water and sewerage council, Asaka city

Committee member, Committee on English translation of Waterworks Law, Japan Water Research Center

Committee member, Standing committee on hygiene, Japan Water Works Association

Committee member, Water purification technology committee, Japan Water Research Center

Core/committee member, subcommittee of water supply infrastructure rehabilitation, Environmental engineering committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineers