In addition to taking on the roles of a library, including collecting and storing books and journals and offering them for the public to read, the Center engages in the research regarding collection, evaluation and provision of information. As of 2002, the collection stands at 80,000 books and at 4,000 journals. The Center is in charge of the maintenance of the Local Area Network (LAN) system and is responsible for provision of the Web Site of the Institute. The Center also edits and publishes periodical bulletin of the Institute, and donates them to about 1,800 institutions in Japan and about 300 institutions overseas. The electronic versions of the following publications electronic version are stored in the database and available through the Institute’s Web Site; articles
from the Journal of National Institute of Public Health, collections of classic works in public health, and research reports which were supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
In regards to distance education provided by the Institute, also through the Institute’s Web Site, the Center takes care of provision of the Web Site and offers technical support.